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DWA Construction, Inc continues to build a legacy of quality, reliability and excellence.

For over 50 years DWA has been building some of the finest structures and complexes in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. DWA is trusted with some of the largest projects in the region.


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DWA Construction, Inc. believes that the integrity of our reputation is just as important as the integrity of our buildings.

DWA Construction, Inc. is a general contractor in Logan, Utah with construction experience since 1974 in new and renovated commercial, institutional, industrial, recreational, retail and office buildings construction projects. Take a look at our portfolio.

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We just recently completed a major remodel of Woodruff Elementary in Logan City School District. As part of this remodel we added on a new gym, 9 new classrooms, a new office area, took out a large hill, cut windows into 6 classrooms, relandscaped, put in a new playground, built a new parking lot, and other areas. Darrell W Anderson was our contractor for this project. After finished we could not be happier and more satisfied with the results. We started this project in February of 2008. At this time I was very apprehensive about being in our building for the 2008-2009 school year. DWA made the commitment that we would be able to be in the existing (older) part of our building to start the new year. We made it! We started school on the day scheduled. Any delays were not the fault of DWA. Yet they did everything possible to get caught up once a delay occurred. Shane, Wayne and David were extremely easy to work with. I have never done a project like this before. They were really good at talking me through what was currently happening and what would be going on. Our weekly meeting was brief and to the point yet helped all the stakeholders feel comfortable as to the process. The process from deign to finish was rushed due to a deadline given to us by UDOT. So along the way we had to make many changes to plans because we had not had the time to think through everything. DWA was flexible in making the changes. Most importantly, safety was the number 1 factor for DWA. A majority of this project took place with students, parents, teachers, and staff on campus. Safety was always a major topic of our weekly meetings and other discussions. They listened to concerns from parents, teachers and staff and implemented minor changes to help everyone feel more comfortable. Our school is beautiful. It is a state of the art facility, which is the envy of the Cache Valley. We appreciate the dedicated work of DWA to get us in on time and under budget.
Daryl Guymon
Principal - Woodruff Elementary