Jobs Open To Bid

Project Name Bidding Date Bidding Time Documents
LDS Malad Tabernacle Meetinghouse Repairs07/29/20211:00pmDocuments
LDS Garland Tabernacle Meetinghouse Repairs07/29/20211:30pmDocuments
Grouse Creek Buckskin Tank Chlorination Project02/25/202210:00amDocuments
Mountain Crest High School Classroom Mechanical Modifications03/22/20223:00pmDocuments
Top Job Asphalt Complex03/16/20223:00pmDocuments
Logan High School Track Replacement04/26/20223:00pmDocuments
LCSD ECC Addition & Remodel05/03/20223:00pmDocuments
Oneida Stake Academy Mech. & Elec. Rough In06/08/20222:00pmDocuments
Wayne Anderson House07/06/20223:00pmDocuments
Pitcher Well House08/12/202212:00pmDocuments
River Heights Lower Well Improvement Project08/30/202210:00amDocuments
LCSD District Office Building Remodel09/015/20222:00pmDocuments
North & South Litz Piping Project07/29/20211:00pmDocuments
North Eden Campground Phase 311/03/202210:00amDocuments

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