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Project Name Bidding Date Bidding Time Documents Submit
BESD Tremonton Elementary02/08/20182:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
Box Elder High School Bleacher Replacement02/09/20182:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
Box Elder High School Site Upgrades03/06/20183:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
Bear River High School Site Upgrades03/06/20182:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
Utah State University Water Lab Landscape03/19/201810:00amDocumentsBid a Proposal
Clinton City 2300 North Waterline Project03/22/201810:00amDocumentsBid a Proposal
South Willard Water Company Well & Chlorination Improvements03/29/20181:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
Smithfield City 1000 South Storm Water and Street Construction03/22/20182:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
Smithfield City 400 North Culinary Water Improvements03/22/20182:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
Thomas Edison Charter School New Parking Lot03/23/20183:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
DFCM Baffle Rebuild Cache Valley Shooting Range03/28/20182:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal

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