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Project Name Bidding Date Bidding Time Documents Submit
Oneida Stake Academy Stone Restoration & Exterior Windows Replacement06/15/20183:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
Oneida Stake Academy UG Plumbing Bid Package09/26/20182:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
Mountain Crest High School Pool Mechanical Upgrade01/17/20192:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
CCSD Administration Building Monument Sign12/13/20182:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
Lutheran Church Lift Addition01/17/20193:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
Bear River High School Bleacher & Site Improvements01/29/20192:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
Box Elder High School Tennis Courts & Restroom01/31/20192:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
USU FL-10 Hanger Remodel01/29/20194:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
USU Rock Garden Phase II01/25/20193:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
USU 600 East 500 North Roundabout Landscaping02/05/20193:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal
LCSD Hillcrest Elementary Replacement02/12/20192:00pmDocumentsBid a Proposal

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