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McKinley Elementary School Boiler Replacement Project

Remove existing boilers and replace with Owner furnished Pre-used boilers.This is a re-bid from last year.
Start Date: Bidding Date: 02/25/2021 Bid Time: 2:00pm
Mckinley Boiler Replacement specifications.pdf
McKinley Elem Boiler Replacement Addendum 01 05 21 20.pdf
McKinley Elem School Boiler Replacement Drawings 5 11 20.pdf
Revised Sheet M1.1 Addendum 01.pdf
Revised Sheet M2.2 Addendum 01.pdf
McKinley Elementary Boiler Replacement Subcontractor Bid Form 2021.doc
02 23 2021 Addendum 01.pdf
Revised Bid Form 02 24 2021.pdf

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